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Bringing the Taste of Asia to Norwich

Dishes from China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Malaysia

Merge is about bringing together East and West, both in terms of the food and as well as the meeting of two cultures. The concept is based on the travels of Zheng He – a Chinese explorer from the 15th Century. He is just as famous in China as Christopher Columbus is to Europeans, setting out to establish new trade routes and exploring South East Asia and India. He discovered new ingredients, spices and herbs that he brought back to China.

Our Menu

The chefs have carefully selected dishes from China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. 
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Buffet Style

Merge is a buffet style restaurant, allowing customers to eat as much as they like from the wide range of dishes freshly prepared. 
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Special Offers/News

We cater for all events, Weddings, Birthdays and all occasions.  We have Special Offers available throughout the year. 
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The Taste of Asia in Norwich

Here at Merge we love to bring people together for the taste of Asia in Norwich.